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Be careful when using Remote Access abroad, as it can eat away at your data plan. Again, there is a lot of data traffic going on here, so this feature is best used with a solid, fast Wi-Fi connection. For one, Chromebooks, iPads, and Tablets are no match for PC when it comes to hardware. You’d think that corresponding versions would exist for these platforms, but, unfortunately, they don’t.

That means that other users of platforms won’t get the full benefits of QuickBooks. The full potential of this accounting software package is apparent only on Windows. However, there are things that you can do to maximize your experience on other platforms. This is because the QuickBooks software was created to make business management an easy and efficient process. By so doing, small business owners will be able to benefit more from their daily business interactions.


All Self-Employed features, plus the ability to pay quarterly estimated taxes online through QuickBooks and transfer info to TurboTax. You cannot buy the most recent version of QuickBooks without a subscription. QuickBooks no longer offers the option to buy a QuickBooks license instead of the QuickBooks Desktop subscription. QuickBooks Desktop no longer offers licenses; instead you have to buy a yearly subscription. A QuickBooks Desktop Pro subscription costs $350/year, while QuickBooks Desktop Premier costs $550/year, and QuickBooks Enterprise costs $1,740+/year. There’s also a side-by-side software comparison chart for QuickBooks features and price.

  • It can automatically calculate sales tax for transactions based on the tax rates and rules for the customer’s location.
  • QuickBooks also helps individuals to track and manage their income and expenses, scan receipt images, and connect banking information.
  • Whichever service you use, you’ll want it integrated with your accounting software to automate your tax process.
  • QuickBooks markets its POS system to small retail businesses, clothing stores, jewelry stores, sporting goods or bike shops, furniture stores and home improvement-related businesses.
  • You can get a 30-day free trial to use the software (if you do so, you won’t receive any time-limited promotional pricing for new users).

It also allows them to pay their employees with several payroll features. Currently, QuickBooks is offering two different specials; you can either try it free for 30 days or sign up and get a 50% discount on your first three months. While there are many options available, you do not need to sign up for all of the QuickBooks services all at once. You can start with a single app, such as the accounting or payroll software, and add others as you expand.

QuickBooks for Small Business: Which Version Do You Need?

You can then share the invoice with clients through the mail or take a printout and send a hard copy. It allows you to run and view reports easily like the number of outstanding invoices, total amount due from clients and details of each invoice (paid or due). In this article, we will discuss what QuickBooks is and how it works so that you can understand the different ways in which it can help you save time and be on top of your financial statements. To get the best possible experience please use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge to view this website.

QuickBooks is paid software, and you won’t be able to use it unless you’ve got it from a legitimate source. There are two legitimate ways to get your hands on the QuickBooks license – directly from QuickBooks or from a reseller. If you’ve got your QuickBooks through illegal means, your cloud provider will refuse to host your software. After installing the software on your PC, the next step is to gather essential financial papers. This is a requirement because you’ll need those papers for setting up your QuickBooks files. If you plan to use the software on one PC only, then you should select the “I’ll be using QuickBooks on this computer” option.

QuickBooks for Personal Use

If you outgrow any service, you can choose to remove or upgrade it as needed. After they’re notified, they can accept your invitation to begin reviewing and printing their pay stubs and W-2 forms. Once you invite your employees to Workforce to start using it, they can receive notifications each time payroll is run. WorkForce integrates with your payroll service and makes it so that you don’t need to manually notify employees to have them review and print their individual pay stubs.

QuickBooks Online is a leader in the accounting industry with it being the bookkeeping software of choice for many accountants, certified public accountants (CPAs) and bookkeepers. When comparing it to other bookkeeping providers, such as FreshBooks how does quickbooks work and Xero, we note that all three have a 30-day free trial to test the system out. This is important to note since you’ll want to make sure that it is capable of doing what you need in a manner that you understand and can digest.