To get assets and create your Golem from scratch, you need to be not only a skilled player, but also think strategically. We are aimed at attracting not speculators, but real investors who understand the true value of an asset on the crypto market. The game has a rating system in which users can receive real bonuses for TOP places. The rating is formed based on the sum of user activities, as well as for completing game challenges.

Golems of the new generation have an animal appearance, they was made after the start of the «Klondike» and the discovery of the Quantum Gel (the first absorptions of the fauna). Characterized by combined lifeforms collected by Golems on the planet’s surface and embedded how to buy on bitmart in their bodies through information absorption. In addition to armor, the golems of this series wear special masks that improve their sensitive abilities. Before blackout, the oldest Golems models, only 100 of them can be found on map in the form of skeletons.

  • Asynchronous multiplayer and common game elements in the store will allow users to contact with each other enough not to interfere with each other’s play.
  • Any investment involves great risks, including price instability, insufficient liquidity and the potential total loss of the principal amount of the deposit.
  • The experience of creating new Golems in the lab is ideal for creators who can create and make new NFTs.
  • The key success factors in creating an ecosystem are ensuring the organic growth of the community, investing in the value proposition offered by the project, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

In the 3rd phase of the game development, we plan to introduce activities in the form of regular challenges. With the help of a rented NFT, you can get into the game and become a full-fledged participant in it. The period for which NFT is leased directly depends on the price of this transaction between users. At different times, these will be NFTs of different series of Golems, ranging from rare to more common, how to calculate supercharger boost so be sure to join the community of DBT holders to get the highest chances for a rare token. As the community grows, the need for the Digibytes altcoin service will grow to reward the growing number of stakeholders involved in the operation of the platform. We are excited about the opportunity to create new types of business models with a player-oriented economy, both in terms of revenue model and token model.

Golem – Draft Crowdfunding Whitepaper

If you have any questions related to the Golem (GNT) or need some further information or have some specific queries, feel free to ask your questions in Comment Section. I can ensue you that, you will be able to understand every bits and pieces related to Golem (GNT) after going through the Golem GNT white paper. Whitepapers are an essential tool in the world of business and academia. They serve as authoritative documents that provide in-depth analysis, research, and solutions to… White papers are valuable sources of information that provide in-depth analysis, research, and insights on various topics.

  • We are doing through security checks of the crowdfunding contract, including an external audit by Zeppelin which will most likely be presented next week.
  • When an asset is changed or updated, a new copy of the asset’s properties is created.
  • In particular, in our smart-contract, we provided for swapping tokens on the DEX.
  • At different times, these will be NFTs of different series of Golems, ranging from rare to more common, so be sure to join the community of DBT holders to get the highest chances for a rare token.
  • The presence of ERC-20 merely provides a standard to aid in the token creation process as protocols do not have to build from scratch.

Graphs, diagrams and other visual aids are needed only for informational purposes. None of these graphs, diagrams or visual aids by themselves can be used to make investment decisions. No claims are made that they will help anyone in making investment decisions, and no graph, chart or other visual aid can cover all the factors and variables necessary for making such decisions.

We are really looking forward to your feedback on our crowdfunding whitepaper. Ethereum network is a blockchain that has been tested by thousands of apps and developers for strength and offers a large ecosystem, resources and support from developers. With the help of the current system, we can offer an excellent experience on Ethereum for users who do not use cryptocurrency. In the future, our Digibytes altcoin will allow holders to participate in platform management decisions using the DAO structure. They can use their right to vote on key issues in the creation of content and updates of the game and determine the priority of functions in the roadmap of the platform. The part of our idea is to make Digital.Golems truly decentralized in technology, economy and power.

Another problem is the introduction of bots with automatic farming, which, in our opinion, contradicts the purpose of the game and deprives it of pleasure. However, the mechanics of the game does not allow to write a working bot for it, ( too many variables change in real time and are mixed with other mechanisms). To fight the use of a modified or fake client, we are considering methods for verifying responses from it and checking with the values recorded in the blockchain. All the math of the game is updated in real time and written to a distributed registry that cannot be faked.

DIG owners get unlimited access to all the mechanics of the game, including their own laboratory for creating golems. All Golems created by players are a separate series of NFT, which cannot be obtained anywhere except in the game. “ Golem is the first truly decentralized supercomputer, creating a global market books of prime entry and their source documents for computing power. ● The function of Golem as the backbone of a decentralized market for computing power can be considered both Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), as well as Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). However, Golem reveals its true potential by adding dedicated software integrations to the equation.

Using the Godot engine will allow us in one of the future iterations of the project to implement the extraction of game resources (including assets for Golems) in the form of augmented reality (AR). We have prepared all the information in this document using sources we consider to be accurate enough and reliable. However, such material is provided «as it is» without any guarantees, either obvious or implied. Graphs, diagrams and other visual aids are prepared solely for informational purposes. None of these graphs, diagrams or visual aids can be used to make investment decisions.

Golem GNT White Paper

And, by substantially lowering the price of computations, complex applications such as CGI rendering, scientific calculation, and machine learning become more accessible to everyone. Digibytes are an important part of the Digital.Golems platform, and we are working to create key mechanisms that will make them inextricably linked to the platform and its value. Digibytes is a ERC-20 utility token created on the Ethereum blockchain network, which serves as the basis for transactions within Digital.Golems and for which players buy in-game items and assets for Golems. The invention of the NFT standard will allow buyers to retain ownership of their original assets and will make it possible to monetize virtual assets in the real world.

Heavy series

We also had some comments (not from Daniel’s post) that the token design we propose is inferior to our our original (fee-based) ideas. We do not agree with that and I have described why in a separate blog post. The developers’ endowment is distributed among 23 people, with the majority (almost 90%) going to 11 people who we believe to be critical to the project’s success. A white paper is an informational, influential, well-structured document, usually published by an organization, to provide in-depth information about a specific solution. Today we are pleased to announce the draft release of the Golem crowdfunding whitepaper, available to download here. We are actively working to expand our team of professionals in the field of games, communications, design and marketing.

New series +++

Blockchain allows users to share assets for collaboration; and Peer-to-peer trading. These types of experiences can attract communities of new people who spend time for activities that combine social and gaming elements. A specific series of Golems based on models of golems from the New Generation with augmentation in the form of wings. The appearance of the wings deprives the Golem of the halo and, accordingly, the control of the earthly command.

We offer users a virtual world where they can create, own and monetize their gaming experience on the Ethereum blockchain using Digibytes, the platform’s service altcoin. Blockchain technology is used to register ownership rights to tokens and allows owners to transfer/sell/use them without restrictions. IPFS is used to store the actual digital asset and ensures that the asset cannot be changed without the owner’s permission.

A separate milestone for the development of a new generation of Golems in the physiology of which there are antennas on the head, which makes it easier to pass through electrical obstacles. Mutation of the humanoid series of Golems that enhances Niterra’s sensory perception. By participating in the Digital.Golems project, you become part of one of the most progressive NFT projects. The cost of services and goods in the world depends on the intensity of demand and available supply. This is due to the final issue of Digibytes – coins in the Golem economy. Each Golem is not just an art object, but also an active element of the game with its own unique characteristics.

Even valuable in-game items, once coveted by players, lose their value after its completion, since the existence of game assets does not continue outside the game. This again brings its own risks, which can be summarized as non being able to finance the project without violating commitment to the first-round token holders, regardless of how successful the project is. We have a powerful product roadmap ahead and the best team to implement a clear vision for creating an original virtual world gaming platform where players can create own and monetize their gaming experience. The segment of games based on blockchain technologies is rapidly developing. Ethereum was one of the first to show the characteristics that are needed for the prosperity of big gaming projects. That is why Ethereum blockchain network has become a center for creating progressive products based on blockchain technologies.

Each of us is a dreamer who wants to recreate a new reality in the world of Digital.Golems. We can’t live without achieving more and more new goals, and now it’s crypto economics and game design. Our extensive experience in the gaming industry, experience in product development, starting with design and ending with the final stages of testing, helps us in this. We are a multicultural team of crypto enthusiasts and practicing IT specialists with many years of experience in creating startups and computer games. The security of your account in the game is determined by the security of your crypto wallet. At the initial stage, players will be able to interact with Digital.Golems using MetaMask.

Project Golem is a worldwide distributed/decentralized super computer which is able to harness the computational power of machines and devices that reside on its network. To vastly simplify it, the Golem ecosystem allows individuals to loan out their unused computer spare resources to other people who need extra power to carry out complex tasks and computational problems. Project Golem shares an identical core philosophy with some of the most successful companies like Air BnB and Uber. All these companies devoted themselves in exploring opportunities within sharing economy , which allows individuals to make money from their unused resources such as land properties and vehicles. By renting computing Power from the Golem network, users with limited computing power can now tackle problems they could never tackle before or even just speed up everyday task that their computer struggling to handle. The primary focus of the Golem team now is on CGI rendering ,  a field which is notorious for high expenses and tremendous amount of processing time.